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Fort Collins, CO 80525     Littleton, CO 80120
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Occupational Therapists and Certified Driving
Rehabilitation Specialists:
Christy Dittmar
Denise Kaplan

Occupational therapists who are driving rehabilitation specialists provide clinical evaluation, behind the wheel evaluation, adaptive equipment prescription and training in skills that are essential to driving.
Our driving rehabilitation specialists have the training and expertise to:

 *Assess a client's cognitive and physical fitness
   to drive
 *Provide driver training in use of adaptive equipment
 *Provide behind the wheel training for deficits 
   related to attention, visual scanning, reaction
   time and speed of processing.
 *Recommend rehabilitation services to enhance skills
   related to driving
 *Assist with vehicle selection and modification
Steps to get started:

Dr. prescription is needed in addition to current notes of medical status.

Scheduling an appointment in one of our offices. (3.5-4 hours)

*For appointments call......(see the back page of the brochure) 
Adaptive Driving Brochure