Driving Rehabilitation for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Driving Rehabilitation for Seniors and the Disabled.

CNS Adaptive Driving Solutions is a driving rehabilitation program serving Colorado and the surrounding states. We help drivers of all ages with disabilities, adults with medical conditions and seniors with their driving goals and challenges.

Who We Help

Smart Solutions for Senior Drivers Brochure

CNS Adaptive Driving Solutions Brochure

Assessing Aging or Mentally/Physically Impaired Drivers

Christy Dittmar, certified driving rehabilitation specialist and occupational therapist for CNS Adaptive Driving Solutions, explains the process of assessing aging or mentally/physically impaired drivers to determine if it’s safe for them to stay behind the wheel, and when modifications or limitations are appropriate.
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How Seniors Are Driving Safer, Driving Longer

More research and innovation are being applied than ever before to meet the challenges of senior drivers
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CNS Adaptive Driving Solutions: Keeping Aging Drivers Safe
Compass Magazine Spring 2017
By Kathy Hayes

Frank Boulton, 82, was in the car business all his life and even used
to race cars, so it was a bitter pill to swallow when his doctor referred
Boulton for a driving assessment. Recent neurological tests showed that
Boulton had some deficiencies that, when driving, might put himself and…read more on page 5.