Adaptive Equipment

 Physical Disabilities or Limitations 

Driver Rehabilitation for persons with impaired physical abilities is focused on the individual’s strengths.  Our Therapists CDRS experience and training is essential in helping you determine what adaptive equipment to use in driving.  We have driver training vehicles (sedan and van) and can use a variety of adaptive driving equipment with the client. Some of these options include hand controls, options for accelerator, pedal extensions, steering modifications/reduced effort steering, mirror options and training, gear shift adaptations, transfer training, and seating/positioning.  Strategies for safety and optimum use are provided with the training process.

The evaluation will include:
  • A clinical assessment that will test strength, sensation, movement, vision and perception, reaction time and cognition. This will be done in one of our offices.
  • Next step is an assessment in one of our vehicles to try adaptive equipment and plan training.

The CDRS will provide necessary paperwork for a vendor to install equipment and for the DMV to complete the licensing requirements.

We are available to problem solve your situation with you to decide if our services are the best match for your needs.

To get started we need a referral from a physician that knows the person’s medical status so that we can obtain necessary information for the assessment and to complete paperwork for the DMV.  This can be faxed to us at (970)493-8016.


Special Focus:  See the following article highlighting our services for persons with Multiple Sclerosis.