Aging Drivers

Aging Driver Services- Fitness to Drive

Fitness to Drive is often the first concern for families of aging drivers.  Reflexes, eyesight, reaction time, and judgement can diminish with age, causing a serious driving hazard. Other medical conditions (stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury) can impair the ability to drive.  Persons are referred by the physician so that medical needs can be considered in this process. The physician will also be asked to sign forms that may be needed for the Department of Motor Vehicle.

Our assessment is not necessarily a pass/fail, but rather a look at opportunities to help drivers who have potential to become safer drivers to do so. These outcomes may include safe driving, not safe driving and potential to be safe.

The assessment includes:

  • A pre-driving skill evaluation of strength, movement, vision and perception, reaction time, and cognition.
  • A behind the wheel evaluation with a certified driving rehabilitation specialist takes place after the client has been determined to be ready for that challenge.
  • If the driver has potential to drive with improved strategies and skills, training sessions can be provided.

Some referrals are from family members and we can provide the assessment information for decision making that impacts other facets of life. Compassion is important in this process and relaying information from the assessment is done with respect.